Monday, July 30, 2007

Home network issues

Update: I was noticing a network slowdown a couple of hours after rebooting the router and so I tried setting the number of ports from 512 to 2048. I've got a lot of computers on this network and the kids are playing games all the time. This seems to have fixed the slowdown problem.

I was having big problems at home with network speed and latency so I tried a few things:
  • Set the time server on my router to something reliable (
  • Set the router to use the OpenDNS servers for DNS.
  • Set the router to reboot at a certain time each day.
I'm not sure I need to reboot the router, but I'll give it a try and see if that helps keep things running smoothly.

I realize that OpenDNS isn't really going to do much for line speed, but I think it might be having an effect on my initial latency, if I'm understanding how these calls are working. My latency was around 250 ms before the change, and 41 ms afterward. I'll let you know if my BF2MC scores go up as a result.

This is looking pretty good!

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